Exploring how Self-Tracking Technologies can go from Data-Centred to Human-Centred

Self-tracking technologies have long promised to enhance our well-being. However, our initial work and that of others show that most of these technologies focus on data, not the user. Based on interviews, development of mood boards, we created "Frankie". Frankie is a tracking device that allows you to record your intentions, reflections, and hopes for daily activities (e.g., having a meeting). Based on audio reflections and qualitative input, Frankie aims to oofer space for feelings, temporality of data, and move beyond work and utility. Frankie has been published as a short-paper at MUM22 and adds to the discussion of how to re-imagine self-tracking technologies to go beyond data-centric artefacts.

  • Team Sujay Shalawadi | Rosa van Koningsbruggen
  • Supervised by Eva Hornecker | Florian Echtler